business-manEstablished in 2013, our food brokers is a full line food service & varios product broker covering the las vegas, california, texas, new york, arizona marketing areas. our corporate office is located in las vegas, nevada. sales personnel live in their respective markets and work from home offices equipped with today’s selling and technological necessities.

Our sales staff consists of seasoned professionals possessing relationships with the market’s key operators and distributors. our office personnel function as a vital link between the principal and distributor, handling order processing, marketing, vcb’s, bids and the distribution of communcations. these strategic relationships, along with a working knowledge of the local trade, enable us to get products placed and distribution established. we show you where to go, and where not to go. we will hook you up with the right sales representative w/ no retainer fee to go out and represent & sell your product quikly.

As the expense of maintaining sales representation continues to increase, we offer a solid and cost effective alternative to employing a direct sales force. we’re a straight commission sales agency committed to generating new business every day. above all else, we value long term relationships with those manufacturers that are capable of providing the products, pricing, service and stability we rely on to be successful with our operator and distributor customers.